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Steel Therapy $30.00

Steel Therapy Now Available 

An inspiring story that's a good kick in the pants towards victory over obesity, depression, and anxiety through the power of Steel Therapy!

Please email us to experience the Tyde difference for FREE. You will have a chance meet with your personal trainer and coach to begin to explore your goals and the route to your greatness.  You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Lunch & Learn Presentations, Wellness Workshops and Keynote Speaking are all custom to your needs.  

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Make the Commitment today!

All training sessions will be focused on decreasing body fat, increasing mobility, balance, flexibility and strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance. Specific goals of the client can be incorporated.

All coaching sessions will include nutritional guidance, which involves setting a clear picture of your goals and a customized strategy built around the change process to build those healthier habits. This process is crucial in helping you understand your results or outcomes from the program. Understanding how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle is just as important as getting started in the first place and it empower's YOU to be in control of your fit future!   

$89 (60 minutes includes 10 minutes stretch + 5 minutes foam rolling)
$49 (30 minutes)
$110 60 minutes PARTNER trainer ($55 per person)‚Äč

Create strategy and implement tactics | Establish priorities and boundaries | Rethink your decisions | Get rid of unwanted patterns | Re-dream your life | Visualize the changes and live better 

Corporate Wellness Solutions
30 minute Bootcamps $90 per person, per month, 3 times per week, work or site specific, minimums apply
60 minute Stretch-n-De-stressor Workshop, $250 per workshop
45 minute Lunch N Learn
                        $30 per person for brown bag
                        $45 per person for lunch provided

Make Health a Habit!
If you make it habitual, your results are residual.