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An inspiring story that's a good kick in the pants towards victory over obesity, depression, and anxiety through the power of Steel Therapy!

Debbie Roman and Tyler Turner are experienced personal trainers, speakers, and coaches who love the opportunity to empower, educate, motivate, guide and challenge individuals to take control of their personal and/or professional lives through living a healthy lifestyle. They don’t take individuals to where they want to go; rather they inspire and engage individuals with stories that will touch every emotion to guide them where they need to go. Deb and Tyler have unique life experiences that help them to identify with others on a personal level inspiring audiences to realign their personal belief and behaviors focusing on finding their greatness. They are able to attend to the needs of clients in a way that most personal trainers/coaches cannot by incorporating relevant stories from their own journey and evidence-based research challenging individuals to make an emotional commitment so that they too can step into their greatness. Before the launch of Tyde Mind & Body, Tyler was Deb’s personal trainer for two years. During that time they established efficient routines that ultimately led her to a 120-pound life changing transformation. This was the proof in the pudding, so to speak.

Tyler & Deb have authored an inspirational and educational book about their journey from strangers to friends to business partners and the amazing transformation they both undertook in the process, released December 2016.   They are the founders and owners of Tyde Mind & Body, and they have appeared on radio, print publications, websites and blogs including a feature article in the Small Business Today Magazine.

Now, all you need to do is decide when it’s best for you to come and do your fitness thing! 

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